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"The most awful thing in the world is not only when you realize just how much it is that you don't know, but when you become aware how far
behind you are in sophistication and background compared to those around you."
Jerry Weaver

I'm currently a post-doc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. My research is focused on understanding ocean-atmosphere interactions within a very large range of temporal and spacial scales. I'm especially interested in the top layers of the ocean, those under direct influence of the atmospheric forcing, and the so-called "mode waters".

I explored the atmospheric part of air-sea interactions during my PhD (LPO, Brest and LMD, Paris, 2006). I studied coupled/forced interannual variabilities in the Southern Hemisphere with a numerical model of intermediate complexity I partially developped for this purpose.

During my postdoc at MIT, I moved on to focus more on the ocean side of air-sea interactions. I focused my studies on "subtropical mode waters" formation processes, using both observations and numerical simulations.