Research interest:

My research is focused on understanding processes of water mass ventilation and ocean-atmosphere interactions within a very large range of temporal and spatial scales. I'm especially interested in the top layers of the ocean and their vertical structures, those under direct influence of the atmospheric forcing (and of the climate change ...). 

I explored the atmospheric part of air-sea interactions during my PhD (LPO, Brest and LMD, Paris, 2006). I studied coupled/forced interannual variabilities in the Southern Hemisphere with a numerical model of intermediate complexity I partially developed for this purpose.

I started my postdoctoral research at MIT in the Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences department (2006-2008). I focused on the ocean side of air-sea interactions. I studied subtropical mode waters formation processes and the impact of meso-scale turbulence on lateral heat fluxes using both observations and numerical simulations.

I continued my postdoctoral research at IUEM and Ifremer where I keep working on surface ventilation processes, although I extended my research area to the North Atlantic subpolar gyre. I try to improve the use of the oxygen variable to study the dynamic of subpolar mode waters, especially their ventilation and circulation.

Now only at Ifremer, still as a postdoc, as a research scientist, I use Argo data to caracterize the North Atlantic thermocline and its variability; a process tightly linked to the atmospheric forcing and the subtropical mode water cycles.

Latest talks:

Using potential vorticity and its attendant theorems to study the subtropical thermocline water mass
Versions: very short (Ocean Sciences meeting, 12mins PDF), longer (Seminar, 45mins PDF)

A new information and data mining tool for North Atlantic Argo data
Versions: Seminar (PDF), the online tool itself !

Latest publications:
Subantarctic Mode Water and Antarctic Intermediate Water formation. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 2013

Surface vertical PV fluxes and subtropical mode water formation in an eddy-resolving numerical simulation. Deep-Sea Research Part II, 2013

Mass, nutrient and oxygen budgets for the North Eastern Atlantic Ocean. Biogeosciences, 2012

A new information and data mining tool for North Atlantic Argo data. Mercator Ocean-Coriolis Quaterly Newsletter, 2012

Submitted publications:

- Oceanic Interior Mesoscale Turbulence Revealed by Argo Floats. In collaboration with G. Roullet and X. Capet. Submitted to GRL, 2013

Almost submitted:

Water mass local conservation principle and application to the Eighteen Degree Water layer.
In collaboration with: John Marshall and Gael Forget.

The permanent pycnocline. Part I:  An objective algorithm for profile-based characterization In collaboration with Herlé Mercier, Virginie Thierry.

- The permanent pycnocline. Part II:  The Atlantic Ocean. In collaboration with Herlé Mercier, Virginie Thierry and Richard Schopp.

A quote:

"The most awful thing in the world is not only when you realize just how much it is that you don't know, but when you become aware how far behind you are in sophistication and background compared to those around you. "
Jerry Weaver

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